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Oval Sauna with Steam Room and Dressing Room (2.4m*5.0m)

Oval Sauna with Steam Room and Dressing Room (2.4m*5.0m)

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Our Complimentary gift

  • Robe (L/XL): Luxurious robe crafted for ultimate comfort and style. Dimensions: Width 80cm x Length 119cm.
  • Mini Towel: Compact towel perfect for quick refreshment.
  • Large Towel: Generously sized towel for complete coverage. Dimensions: 180cm x 90cm.
  • Cap: Sauna cap for added comfort and protection.
  • Thermometer: Accurate thermometer to monitor sauna temperature.
  • Bucket: Convenient bucket for pouring water over sauna stones.
Step into a unique sauna experience with our Oval Sauna, sized at 2.4m x 5.0m. This distinctively shaped sauna combines elegance and functionality, featuring a steam room for ultimate relaxation and a dressing room for privacy. The oval design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also optimizes the space, making it a great choice for those looking for something uniquely stylish yet practical.
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