FAQ - saunas

What materials are used to manufacture your saunas?

We use only quality dried wood and premium materials to ensure the longevity and reliability of our saunas.

What is the lifespan of your saunas?

With proper care, our saunas last for many years. 

Also, we always provide instructions on how to properly care for your sauna.

 Is it possible to customise the design or equipment of the sauna?

Of course! We offer many options for customisation, and we are ready to consider any of your wishes, so that the sauna perfectly matches your preferences.

How long does the delivery and installation process take?

After payment for the order, delivery of the sauna is carried out within 4 - 8 weeks. The exact terms are specified when ordering. Installation takes only a few hours due to the fact that the sauna is fully assembled at the time of delivery.

Can I install the sauna myself?

Yes, our CLT sauna models are also designed for self-assembly with simple instructions. However, for optimal results, we recommend that you have the sauna installed by a professionals. Please note that our barrel-saunas are delivered assembled and do not require any assembly on your part.

What do I need to prepare before installing the sauna on my property?

It is necessary to think over what the sauna will stand stably on and to carry out the necessary communications. Basically, it is the electricity supply. Speaking of sewerage, it is not necessary in case there is no shower in the sauna and water tank on the chimney.

Do I need to get a permit to install a sauna?

Most locations do not require a special permit to install mobile sauna, but we highly recommend checking local rules and regulations.

What about electricity and heating?

Our saunas are equipped with built-in heaters and lighting systems. You can choose between an electric heater or a wood heater. In case of lighting - standard solution with luminaires, or we can install LED strips under the shelves in the steam room and in the anteroom.

What is the situation with water and sewerage?

Our saunas are designed to provide fast and efficient, natural drainage. However, some models may require connection to a water and sewerage system. For example, if you have a shower, or a water tank on the chimney.

Are there any special requirements for where the sauna should be installed?

Although our saunas are versatile in terms of location, it is advisable to choose a level surface, preferably away from direct sunlight or areas prone to swamping. Before installation, make sure that it is possible to organise various communications (water supply and electricity at the place of installation) if your sauna requires it.

How can I contact you for additional questions?

You can contact us by e-mail, convenient for you messenger or through the form on our website. We are ready to help at any time, our team is always online!

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