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Standing Epoxy Desk

Standing Epoxy Desk

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Crafted Elegance with Sycory Desks

Sycory desks combine the timeless beauty and strength of oak wood with cutting-edge technology to provide maximum functionality and comfort. The solid oak tabletop is exceptionally sturdy and durable, known for its beautiful texture and excellent resistance to wear and moisture. This natural material not only ensures longevity and easy maintenance but also gains a richer, more attractive patina over time, enhancing the desk's prestige and aesthetic appeal.

Customization at Your Fingertips: We offer a variety of wood options including oak and ash, allowing you to personalize your desk’s appearance. Our design team is ready to bring any of your ideas to life, from unique wood grain patterns to integrated electronic components like wireless chargers and audio speakers.

Lifting Mechanism

Effortless Adjustment with Dual Motor Lifting System

Our Sycory desks are equipped with a powerful dual motor lifting mechanism, ensuring smooth and fast height adjustments at a speed of 40 mm/sec. This advanced system outperforms many competitors, providing a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions.

Safety: Featuring an anti-collision sensor, the desk automatically stops and reverses direction if an obstruction is detected, protecting your workspace and ensuring safe operation.

Height Range: With a versatile height range from 605mm to 1265mm, our desks cater to a variety of user preferences and ergonomic needs, delivering optimal comfort and adaptability for any task.

Smart Lighting

Intelligent Illumination with Sycory Desks

Sycory desks feature advanced smart lighting technology, seamlessly integrating with Apple HomeKit and Google Home for ultimate convenience and control. Customize your desk’s lighting to match your mood or task with just a voice command or a tap on your smartphone.

Adaptive Atmosphere: Our smart lighting system synchronizes with your music, creating an immersive ambiance that enhances your productivity during the day and provides a relaxing atmosphere in the evening.

Cable Management System

Organization with Sycory Desks

Our Sycory desks have a smart cable management system that keeps your workspace clean and clutter-free. It hides all your wires neatly, making your setup look sleek.Easy and Convenient: This system handles all your device cables, keeping them organized and easy to reach.

Size & Dimensions

Perfect Fit with Sycory Desks

Our Sycory desks are designed to handle a maximum load of 100 kg, ensuring robust support for all your equipment.

Customizable Sizes: Choose from three tabletop sizes to fit your space perfectly: 140x70 cm, 160x80 cm, and 180x90 cm, all with a thickness of 40 mm for added durability.

Flexible Leg Width: The width between the legs is adjustable from 1150 mm to 1740 mm, offering customization to suit your needs.Experience a desk that combines strength, versatility, and tailored dimensions with Sycory.

Order Info

Order Info

At Sycory, we ensure efficient shipping and secure delivery for our desks. For customers in Europe, delivery typically takes about one week. For custom-made products, the estimated production time is 2 weeks.

To ensure safe arrival, all our desks are packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. Our return process is straightforward and complies with EU regulations.

4 heights

The smart height adjustment system allows you to save 4 presets and automatically change your position at the push of a button.

Focus on work

The intelligent lighting system enhances focus by adjusting the light intensity and color temperature according to your needs.

Comfortable Cable Management System

Our advanced cable management system allows you to organize and hide cables with ease, promoting a clutter-free workspace
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